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Adrian and Esther

One of the most lovely things about my business is having a brief encounter and moment in time to capture a glance, a look, or an emotion.  Such is the case with Esther and Adrian.  They were married out on our grounds a few years back and are now expecting their 2nd child.  Esther approached me a month or so ago and wanted a very special way to let Adrian know they were pregnant again.  We decided upon a brunch breakfast together, including a photo shoot to commemorate their love for one another.  They had never gotten to do engagements so this was no red flag for Adrian.  We had coffee mugs printed to say, I’m pregnant so that when Adrian drank his brew, he would see the statement.  The rest is pure loveliness and I must say these two certainly have great, deep, passionate love for one another.  I am always blessed to be a part of such an intimate event such as this.

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Thanks to Adrian and Esther, you two were such a blessing!  I was thrilled to be able to capture these

emotions for you!  What a fun time in your lives.