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A Baby Bump Never Looked So Good

I have known Lance and Gianna, well since about a year before they were married at Belle.  I believe it was about 4 years ago now, and it seems just like yesterday.  These two have some serious chemistry together, and my oh goodness Gianna is about the size of a button, and oh so petite.  Lance is her knight and shinning armor.  When Gianna talks about Lance it is always with a huge smile and I can tangibly see the love she has for him in her heart.  I adore the fact that these two are in it for the long haul, for the commitment, through the thick and thin.  Their little family is about to grow to three with the arrival of their first born, a sweet little boy named Jayce.  When Gianna called me to ask if I could shoot a maternity session for them, well I was so excited for them number one, and I knew that this baby would be loved beyond all measure, these are things that radiate beautiful images, how could I say no?    That is how Gianna and Lance love each other, with beauty and without abandon.  When they arrived at the house for their session,  Gianna was about 7 months along, and her adorable little belly barely looked like 5 months because of her small stature.   I must say she is the cutest, little pregnant lady, I have seen in a long while.  Gianna adores and loves Elvis Presley, and anything to do with him, so she had some very specific props she wanted to have incorporated into her shoot.  It was October and the dawn of Fall was in full swing.  These are their very special memories, of this most amazing time in this beautiful families life!

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