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A Happy Dance Wedding

I had such a pleasure to photograph the wedding of Samantha and her wonderful husband Kodiak.  These two I met about a year ago and have been anticipating their vow exchange for quite some time now.  Seriously this girl has some awesome style and her colors…., well you can see for yourself.  They originally wanted a destination wedding but as fate would have it things and circumstances prevented this from coming to fruition.  Sam so painstakingly infused her beach wedding to Belle, and did with great design success I must say.  With small touches of sea shells and her beautifully glorious beachy colors she achieved her goal.  Her cake, well I just adored her laid back, bloom infused cake!  She mimicked our Adirondack chairs to a tee, shrunk them, and put them on the top of her convection!

I have never seen such huge smiles and Kody was so beautifully emotional upon seeing his bride for the first time.  I will never forget his expression when she walked down the isle to take him as her husband.  These are what dreams are made of, these are the true joys of life.  I am blessed to be a witness to the love these young people have for each other, as they confess their feelings for one another ,to all of us as witnesses.   It never gets old, I never tire of this privilege.  Thank-you for allowing me to be a part Samantha and Kodiak!

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