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A Wedding On The Beach

I have known Heather for many years, she has styled and cut my hair since her time in beauty school.  She is an amazing artist and stylist to be sure.   To be a part of documenting her union to Donovan was an absolute joy!  I was honored to have them invite me to their intimate ceremony on the beaches of Oahu.  I adored this wedding not only because it was so about just them, but because I truly feel they have found their soul mates in each other.  Their connection is to say the least, made in heaven.  Donovan cares for Heather as every man should, considering her first in all things.  The day was so wonderfully relaxed.  We set out in the morning to do some before shots on the beach where they played, laughed, and vacationed for a few days.  These were personal, intimate photos, and they fully represented their love for one another.  When we returned to their villa where they s, we had lunch, and I quickly assembled a beautiful bouquet of native Hawaiian flowers from the side of the road for Heather to carry.  I also fashioned a necklace for her to wear down her back.  She confided to tell me earlier that Donovan loves her back, so I felt with her key-holed gown, that we should adorn it.  It was the perfect accent piece.


Donovan was then readied to dress and we took him to the beach for some photos of just himself.  He was slightly nervous, and I asked him if he had his vows written and he said he knew exactly what he wanted to say.  Heather on the other hand chose to write hers specifically, not wanting to forget anything.  We then did the first look on the beach and off to the shores to do photos of the both of them together.  The wedding proceeded after this at sunset.  Donovan was accompanied by two of his twin brothers, and Heather with their wives.  It was so touching and simply perfect.  The light, the love, and the heartfelt vows are all you need.  This wedding will forever go down in the books to me as special.  Not only because I know Heather so personally, but because of the love these two share for one another.  It is so real, tangible, and profound!  Thank-you Heather and Donovan for the privilege!

The beautiful foot jewelry provided by Stella’s Design.  Go check out her website at and her etsy shop.  Thank-you so much Stella!

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Then off to the wedding and all it’s beauty!


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The Beautiful metal embossed bouquet tags and signage by the ever talented Buffalo Girls Vintage!


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  • Linda Wagner Brown - oh Pam…tears in my eyes…these are the most beautiful pictures…what you can capture, is amazing. Wondering…may I share this ?? People simply Have to See your work. YOU ROCK, MISSY !! Stunning, just stunning !! I love you, beautiful friend. xoxo ♥♥ God Bless you and your camera Pam !ReplyCancel

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