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A Workshop To Remember

Early in February, I boarded a plane from Spokane to Shreveport, Louisiana.  I was extremely excited as I had anticipated this trip for about 11 months.  I was on my way to my very first photography workshop with Hunter Leone from Three Nails Photography. I have admired his work for quite sometime now.  Not only is he an extremely gifted photographer, but he is also a crazy, amazing stylist as well.  This is what sealed the deal for me as I, as many of you know, adore the styling side of things.  Having been in the wedding industry as long as I have, prompted me to start thinking that there was probably little to be learned from this talented artist.  This was that negative voice in my head rearing its ugly claws.  I quickly turned away and started to ponder all the things I had already learned just from reading his posts and blog.  One thing I have attained, and will never neglect, is that the older I get, the more I value challenging myself to learn something new all the time.  It keeps us fresh, it keeps us updated.

The first day of our 3 day workshop came with a fully loaded with a southern belle, her beau, adorned in a Vera Wang gown, on the shores of a lazy river.  Mind you it was early February and everything is brown and yucky.  Not so with Mr. Leone, this is where he shines.  The area where we shot the scene was adorned in fresh flowers bursting forth from the ground, daffodils, tulips, narcissus, and beautiful greenery.  A boat was placed half way in the water, and out, on the shore, all hand made by the Leone’s.  Yes, this is a family affair.  Mom, dad, and sister are all a part of this young man success.  A picnic basket and a blanket were all carefully placed, under Hunter’s careful direction, for our scenic shoot.   I was seriously taken back by the detail that was given to this shoot.  I also was fully aware of the expense that was occurred to achieve this gorgeous set.   Not only did we have this particular engagement portion of our workshop, but we had 2 more extravagant sets to come, the wedding, and the reception.  I must say I was so excited to see the detail and the way in which this young artist works.  I was truly inspired to say the least.

Our first shoot as I said, was the engagement!  A Marie Antoinette inspired, southern picnic by the lake.  All styled by Hunter Leone, and the fabulous Meka Bennett Reilford with Meka’s Motives, as our fabulous make-up artist and hair designer.  A dream team to be sure.  Oh and lest I forget, our amazing models, Miss Marisa Marble, and forgive me but I simply cannot remember our male models name.   These are the images I was able to capture.

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