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Angel Wings, A Horse, and A Pretty Girl

I shot this session a few years ago. Because I adore black and white and started loving photography back in the 70’s, it is my roots.  Black and white film that is.  I adore film but I will always be a hybrid shooter.  That means I will always shoot both.  I have since discovered Mastin Labs, and their amazing film actions.  I shot this session on digital and just recently went back and edited these shots on my Mastin Labs film edits. I really love how film like these images are, and if I had not of told you they were not film, I am sure you would not of known.  They are simply genius.   Black and white holds a certain allure to the viewer, and these are no exceptions.  I love sharing these with you.  Thanks to my amazing friend who lives next door, for his wonderful horse, Mr. Hunter!  Thanks so much Kevin!  Many thanks to my lovely model, Miss Reichley Jeanne Hennesy, she was amazing and beautiful to boot!  Oh yes, how could I forget those amazing Buffalo Girls for the creation of these spectacular wings.  You can visit their beautiful new store on Monroe street in Spokane, Washington and they also have a Etsy shop as well under the Buffalo Girls.

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