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Boudoir at Belle!

Photography is such a creative medium and I have always loved the expression of it in the wedding world.  There is so much left to your visual and interpretation of the work.  I really feel that our Lord created our bodies to be a beautiful molding of His hands, artfully, skillfully, and highly functioning, mastered by only our creator himself.  He designed our shapes and sizes to be visually appealing to each other so that we would be attracted to each other.  The human body is a delicate balance between us and another human being, interacting to each other, being drawn and seduced by one another.    A woman’s body is a dance between mind and soul, her reaction to her man is a fragrance between two nostrils, tantalized by only their hearts, mind, and their eyes.


I never thought I would do boudoir photography but after much thought, I have determined it is a delight.  There is a wrong way and a right way to portray the human experience, I believe this is the right way.

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  • Linda Wagner Brown - Oh Pam…great thought has gone into your talent, and respect and love for the Lord. I think your work is beautiful, and wish you so much success ! (this model is simply stunning)…look forward to more pics. I miss you & Larry, probably need to come out and visit someday… ♥♥ God Bless xoReplyCancel

  • Tamra Brannon - Oh Pam!! This is absolutely the most breathtaking photography! You have such a talent for capturing raw and innocent beauty. Love you and your creativity! TReplyCancel

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