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Bridals With Selene

After photographing this lovely young, engaged woman, I sincerely encouraged her to let me style her for a few beautiful bridal photographs to send to her beloved fiance in Vietnam.  Because they do not get to see each other on a daily basis, it must be so difficult to maintain the romance of the relationship.  My heart goes out to them but at the same time I admire this kind of love.  A love that longingly waits for one another, that weeps in silence every time they see an embraced couple passing by as they stroll down the street embraced in one another’s arms.   It takes courage, faith, and deep commitment to encourage each other in these ways.  To live for the day when they will reunite in love, marriage, and a lifetime of togetherness.   Selene, you are a testimony of true love, of sacrificial love, and your beloved is one blessed young man.  These photos are for him, to carry him through, to lift him when he feels weak, and to give him encouragement!  We cannot wait for your amazing wedding day.

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