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Capturing Michaela

A few months ago, when the hint of Autumn was on the horizon, I decided I wanted to do a shoot, impromptu, which is always my favorite, down by the water on Bear Lake.  It is not far from my house and I have always loved the diversity and the scenery around this lake and all it has to offer.  It is beautiful to say the least!   I put a call out on Facebook to anyone interested in acting as my model!  This is where I met Michaela, and she is as lovely inside as she is out!  She is a student at Whitworth college, originally from Walla Walla my hometown.  We had an instant connection.  I told her to just dress in her favorite couture, and give me a couple of changes of wardrobe, all of which she did to perfection.  I fashioned a bouquet of foraged leaves and white roses from my yard, to add a bit of color and texture to some of the images. I especially adore these shots right by the banks of the water, and the beautiful watercolor like hues of the surrounding scenery.  Thank-you Michaela, it was inspiring to work with you and to have you as my muse.  You are a stunningly lovely young lady!

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