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Clint and Kristin’s Love Story

Sweet minty, pink LOVE!  These two are the funniest, most romantic, and most lovely young couple ever.  I enjoyed every moment with them from their awesome engagement session at Chaps Diner, and Manito Park, to their amazingly beautiful wedding day at Belle.  These two clearly have a passion for each other, and their families.  They are romantics at heart and their wedding day style surely reflected that!  We had such a wonderful time shooting the engagement early this summer.  The lilacs were in bloom and we started at Chaps and ended at Manito.  I could not think of a more appropriate place to have their session.  Their wedding day was flawless and reflected their playfulness with one another.  Kristin’s flowers were so amazingly crafted by Erica from Erica’s Expressions, and they were beautiful I must say!  The forks were created by the Buffalo Girls, and I really adored her minty bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmen’ s watches.   All in all, it was a flawless, and meticulously styled wedding by the bride!  Kristin and Clint, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time with you, and both of you are the sweetest ever.

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