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David & Lauryn

A seriously beautiful affair from the very beginning! I had worked with Lauryn prior to her wedding to help her style her day in a budget that worked for her, and in a design that she had always dreamed of. These two are magic together, understanding that marriage is a commitment, and that it takes some serious determination and dedication for the long term. I think this is what made this day so special for me in photographing them. Their realization that love is a choice and it is a decision daily to choose to love and forgive one another.  Their heart touching vows definitely exhibited these values as they made promises to each other.

I had photographed Lauryn’s sister Meghan, a couple for times prior to David and Lauryn’s wedding. I knew that they had another sister Ali and that they were all so gorgeous and beautiful. When I met their mom Jen, then it all became clear to me as to where they all received their gorgeousness! Jen, you are as lovely as the day is long, and your girls are stunning. What an amazing day having them all together and enjoying this most special of days with their sister.

These are the things dreams and amazing memories are made of. It was such a pleasure to be such a big part of this wedding, I will not soon forget how lovely all of them were. It is a true testament to who you are when you can all come together despite past difficulties, and love on these two people who are so clearly in love. Here is David and Lauryn’s love story:

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