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More Workshop Prettiness

As I promised our 2nd and 3rd day of the incredible Three Nails Workshop was stunning!  On the second day we were led to an old abandoned warehouse in downtown Shreveport.  It alone was photo worthy and the glorious light that was streaming in through windows, that were above over heads, was unbelievably rich and dreamy!  As we entered Hunter and his entire family were putting the finishing touches on two amazing sets.  One from a beautiful ballroom dance floor and reception space, and the other a parlor fit for our stunning bride Miss Marie Antoinette.  All this mind you was created and built from the ground up, so authentic, so period worthy.  One thing I did learn from this workshop is to do your research if you are doing a period shoot.  Find out the costuming, the furniture, the room space, the make-up, the shoes, the everything.  This is what Google is for, am I right?  I must say Mr. Hunter had certainly done his research down to last tee.  These are the beautiful images as a result!  What a joy.

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Just for fun, all three of our amazing models at the end of the day!









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