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More Workshop Prettiness

As I promised our 2nd and 3rd day of the incredible Three Nails Workshop was stunning!  On the second day we were ledView full post »

A Workshop To Remember

Early in February, I boarded a plane from Spokane to Shreveport, Louisiana.  I was extremely excited as I hadView full post »

A Child Waiting To Be Born

I just adore a couple who is eagerly awaiting their first baby and who are so clearly in love.  This is the case withView full post »

Peyton & Jazzy Eat Cake

These two beautiful babies I have known since they were born 1 year ago.  My daughter is their foster mom and they areView full post »

Reichley Jeanne

This young lady is seriously beautiful.  Not only is she lovely on the outside but inside, she is a treasure to behold.View full post »

Black Magic Shoot In Utah

Last October, I was so excited to make a visit to my dear, sweet, amazing, friend Megs, in Utah.  Meg and I have knownView full post »