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Prettiness in the Chilliness of the Northwest!

It is no secret that I am a summer girl.  I love the warmth on my skin, the un-attachment of clothing, the long days, and flowers, lots of flowers.  I love my gardens and digging in the dirt.  The smell of the earth and right about now, I am longing for summer to arrive quickly.  I was inspired to bring the beauty of this chilly season with such things as gorgeous blooms, even though they were flown in from most likely Florida!  We have been in a deep freeze for quite a while now and the trees, well, I must say are simply stunning with frost and a romanticism all their own.  It has inspired me to photograph a couple of sessions near Valentine’s Day and to capture all the gorgeousness of the trees laden with winter’s frost.  The flowers were so meticulously fashioned by Esther of Special Touch Florist and we shot the first session out on her beautiful farm.  It was to say the least breathtaking!  I love you Esther, you are the dearest heart ever.

Our second session was shot as a Valentine’s Day inspiration up on the Peone Praire, and I must say that Ryklie Hennessy was an absolute trooper, as well as Heather  for modeling in the frigid temperatures.  These girls are true professionals and the demand on them is great and they always come off as looking so amazingly stunning in every shot.  Thank-you Heather and Ryklie!  A big thanks to Samantha Loessin and Shannon from Missy’s on Post for the hair and make-up for our second session and Alicia Smith Lichtenwaldt from Modern Apothecary and Shelise Mylnar Stephens for the hair and make-up for the second session.  Genius ladies.  Cake and cookies were made by Romancing the Stone Styling.  If you need a wedding photographer, I have 2 spots left this summer, give me a call so I can show you more of my work, 1-509-276-6939.

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