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Reichley Jeanne

This young lady is seriously beautiful.  Not only is she lovely on the outside but inside, she is a treasure to behold.  Reichley has some serious heart for her fellow man and it is evident to all those around her when you meet her.  This is why it is not so surprising that she is studying to be a doctor.  She keeps a schedule that her peers are exhausted just looking at.  I met Reichley a few years ago on another shoot I did out at Belle.  She was a friend of a friend and I am happy to say that we have become just that.  I wanted to do a fun, impromptu, winter time, shoot.  I wanted it to be simple and all about her.  When we met up she had a whole wardrobe to choose from so we did, then because I am who I am, we had to throw in a pretty gown and some flowers.  These are just a few of the afternoon we shared.  Thank-you sweet girl for your amazing love for all those around you.  You are going to make one killer of a doctor someday!  I cannot wait to see where this journey of life takes you.

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