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The Ever Beautiful Tatiana

This young lady just cemented her vows to her love of 8 years on the grounds of Belle this past Saturday the 20th.  Her and Max have the most intimate and beautiful relationship and it is a genuine respect, love, and admiration for one another, just as it biblically should be.  I have worked with them for about a year now to plan their amazing day and it came and went so fast but what a pleasure it has been to get to know her and her beautiful family, whom adore her to say the least.  Tatiana wanted to give Max a personal insight to who she is now and a remembrance of these days leading up to their betrothal.  We scheduled a session and these are the photos that best give her lovely personality, that thing that HE has fallen in love with these past 8 years.  Their love is so beautiful just as these images represent of her.  I am ecstatic to see where God leads them in this journey of life.

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