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Wild & Free, Falls Upon Thee

So this summer I wanted to shoot a beautiful, sun soaked Fall inspiration.  I teamed with Dana Muchow Design to create a carefree inspiration down by the river that we titled Wild & Free.  We always adore a beautiful vintage gown and one with beautiful color and movement no less.  Shop Gossamer was our go to and this dress was a divine piece of couture.  We added the beautiful richness of the comings forth of the earth, grapes, figs, and a stunning meringue creation from Batch Bakeshop, a coconut cake with ginger cream filling & golden raspberries.  Our floral’s by The Flower Bar Company, so richly state the changing of the seasons.  I love the gorgeous light of the Fall and the shading of the lower light.  We wanted this inspiration to be about the individuality of our bride, her feelings, her movement into another season of her life.  Her carefree approach to what is about to come.  “She laughs without fear of the future”,  Proverbs 31:25.  She moves seamlessly into a new era in her soul, all the while loving every transition it takes her through.  She is loved, she embraces it, and she ardently shines!  She collects the tracings of the woods and savors them in her book, only to visit and remember as she transitions.  She is truly ready to move into this loveliness in her life, sharing her dreams, passions, and her disappointments with the man she loves.  These are her musings of life.

Photography:  Romancing Belle Photography by Pam Terpstra

Styling:   Romancing the Stone Styling and Dana Muchow Designs

Florals:  The Flower Bar Company

Printed Papery:  Melanie Stuart Designs

Cake Confection:  Batch Bakeshop

Hair:  All Tressed Up

Make-Up:  Canvas by Marianne

Vintage Rentals:  Gin Berry Vintage & Glam Vintage Events + Rentals

Model:  Makenzie Oddino

Ribbons:  Silk and Willow

Gown:  Shop Gossamer

Gilded Hair Crown:  Anna Marguerite Couture

Film Lab:  The Find Lab

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