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1st Look Envy

Hey you all beautiful brides to be!  Have you heard of the 1st look on your wedding day, or is it all Greek to you, are you planning to stay tucked away, so the first time your groom sees you in your wedding gown will be when you walk up the isle to marry him?  Well as a wedding planner, photographer, and a venue owner, I do have a few thoughts on this whole idea.  First let me say that both ways are amazing but let me talk a bit about the pros and cons of both.

First off, a first look affords the bride and groom much more time with their photographer prior to the wedding for their formal portraits, their bridal parties, and their families.  Waiting to walk up the isle to be seen, ensures that you will have to try to squeeze in 2 hours of photo time after the wedding and I doubt your guest will want to wait 2 hours.  Most people tend to get antsy after about one hour of unplanned time.  If you do decide to wait, a cocktail hour with some hors d’oeuvres is a must, maybe a lawn game or two as well.   This will ensure that your guests are taken care of before dinner is served while waiting for you to arrive.  You should always be the first one to go through your food line.  The other pro about doing a first look is that you will be extremely nervous about seeing each other, and after you do finally have that moment together, you will be so much more relaxed.  There is much anticipation about seeing one another.  This relieves so much anxiety for the both of you and then you can truly start to enjoy your wedding day.

Your first look will be full of emotion, and it has been my experience that it is the groom who sheds the most tears.  The true emotion comes to the surface during this magical moment.  If you wait to walk the isle, it is difficult for your photographer to capture you and your groom in such a far away span.  It is more intimate and beautiful to have you in a close proximity to each other to better be able to hold each other and love on each other during this time.  One other beautiful plus about a first look is that you can write letters to each other, present them to each other as your backs are turned, and read them silently as you wait to lay eyes on one another.  It builds the anticipation and makes it very special. What a loving gesture to have a love letter from your betrothed on your wedding day.  Gives me chills. I want to share some of Jonathan and Kara’s first look emotions.

Kara’s Make-Up by:  Canvas By Marianne

Floral’s:  Garden of Eden Floral Design

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Stay tuned for a full blog post on these two’s wedding coming soon!


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