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A Stroll In Balboa Park, California

Recently Larry and I celebrated our 40th anniversary, yes I said 40!  Wow, how does time fly so fast?  What an accomplished feeling to say 40 years.  To celebrate we headed to warm San Diego, California to relax in the warmth of the beautiful sun and to have the beaches mostly all to ourselves.  While we were there we met up with Carly and Shawn and their adorable new puppy Peanut.  I had photographed their wedding in San Diego in July and wanted to see them again and to also capture some beautiful bridals in the sunset hours of the evening for them as part of their wedding collection.   We met up in Balboa Park to rekindle the memories of their day and to also talk about what they were looking for in their shoot at sunset.   We had so much fun capturing the essence of them and their new little canine, as well as taking in all the architectural beauty of this magnificent park.  Here are some of the beautiful images I managed to capture while there.  What a treat to take in this park which was built in the 1920’s in hopes of being picked to host the worlds fair.  Many museums and a huge outdoor theater which boosts of the worlds largest pipe organ in the world, are housed here.  We also visited the beautiful Japanese Gardens and it was stunning with the beauty of Fall in the air.

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