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Carly & Shawn, Sunny San Diego Wedding

I have never been so excited to capture two peoples love for one another.  Carly and Shawn are extremely adorable and free spirited.  Shawn is also a very smart young man and will be in medical school this Fall in Loma Linda, California.  I fell in love with them the minute I met Carly.  She is very boho, my kind of girl, and had a very definite idea of her wedding style and where she wanted to betroth her Shawn.  They settled on the beach in San Diego where they will be residing as Shawn goes to school.  It was perfect for them, and their parents had rented a beautiful residence in the city for all the bridal party to get ready in and to hang out in for the weekend so they could all get to know one another.  It was such a lovely home with a sweeping back yard and lovely fireplace for late night smores, and conversation.

It was a perfect day with that gorgeous California sunshine.  The girls readied in the upstairs of the home and the boys in the main of the house, it was quite relaxed and intimate.  Breakfast was severed 1st thing in the morning, and as we prepared for the 1st look we were all shuttled to the beach in downtown San Diego.  We then did formals all over the beaches of San Diego, and some of the city.  The ceremony was to take place at 5pm.   We then were all taken back to the house for a beautifully intimate reception with close family and friends in the back yard.  What an amazingly intimate betrothal, and full of love day, these two had.   Shawn’s parents had two friends from Hawaii, that so lovingly choreographed and preformed a beautiful Hula Wedding Dance for Carly and Shawn.  It was so special and lovely.

I must say it was full of love from everyone.  These weddings are what dreams are made of, what life is worth living for, and what truly matters.  Thank-you for allowing me to be a small part of your amazing day Carly and Shawn, and that beautiful California sunshine!

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