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Do You Need A Beautiful Head Shot?

Hey all you lovelies!  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and Oh My Goodness, who does not love a vase full of red roses, and a box of lovely chocolates, especially in those beautiful vintage boxes they used to make.  I am a sucker for anything vintage and pretty, and lacy.  Speaking of pretty and lacy, everyone in business needs a beautiful head shot sooner or later, especially if you are using social media on a regular basis.  Romancing Belle Photography is your place!  My gorgeous make-up artist Marianne, from Canvas by Marianne, mom was in town over the weekend, and she wanted a pretty photo for her significant other for Valentine’s Day, and a few head shots she could use on her Instagram, and Facebook accounts.  They called me on a Thursday to see if i could squeeze a quick session in to achieve this before she had to take off to go home on Saturday morning.   Linda is a 54 year old woman, who is dating and having the time of her life.  These are a few images we captured in less than 45 minutes, give or take a few.  Give us a shout out if you are in need of a few pretty little head shots, for whatever or whomever this Valentine’s Day season.

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