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Good-Bye To Winter In Style

This winter has been so long and so much snow!  I am so happy to be seeing tulips and daffodils peeking their sweet, little, dainty heads, above the ground.  A few months ago, because of the dreariness of the season, I styled up a photo shoot that I titled, Winter to Spring Inspirations.  Some of these images were shot indoors, mainly most of them, and then a few outdoors.  I just wanted to bring forward the beauty of a winter time wedding as well as eluding to the spring glory that was about to come.  I also wanted it to be dreamy, and fairy tale like, all of which I think we accomplished.  After all isn’t this what most brides to be are thinking about, a dreamy, fairy tale wedding?  All the beautiful mystic of the fog rolling off of the water and all the white of the snow can be so eluding in every way.  Our ballerina bride gives us a sense of gracefulness, and a rich heritage as well.  It is sometimes mesmerizing, and intoxicating all at the same time.  Her handsome groom all the while waits so lovingly and patiently for his betrothal to her.

With my soul at peace and my thoughts at rest,
standing in this winter wilderness,
I whisper words of heartfelt bliss.

Come with me and walk this path.
Together we tread against the freeze,
and find the warmth of tender grasp.

My devoted being shall forever be,
a place of strength against chilled winds,
a brilliant light only you have seen.

Our lives have met in this quiet space.
Let sky meet land and rivers merge.
Forever, harmony I long to taste.

We have summoned light from darkest days.
Heat returns to melt still ice.
Each day length now brings stronger rays.

The deepest snows cannot hide the facts.
Beneath these layers life holds fast.
Newfound joys spring from bleakest past.

Let's rebuild life from broken dreams,
Where life restarts with each new spring,
the snows will melt to feed fresh streams.

Like this land, my passion runs free.
Walls have come down with earnest words.
My unblinded eyes now see.

I ask for your hand without ounce of gold,
or shiny stones dug from filthy earth.
My eternal love cannot be bought or sold.

Under peaks reborn of volcanic scars,
In night's serene and  starkest silence,
I pledge love to outlast the multitude of stars.

Solitude I turn from on this ride.
Today and tomorrow let's walk in stride.
Promise to be my utopian bride.

by Wayne Free
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Styling:  Romancing the Stone Styling,

Florals:  Garden Of Eden Floral Design,

Calligraphy:  Amanda Wabeke, https://www.facebook.con/amanda.whitney.549

Cake:  Just American Desserts,

Ring:  Susie Saltzman,

Headpiece:  Anna Marguerite Couture,

Gown:  MyWony Bridal,

Suit:  Tuxedo Gallery,

Models:  Taylor Oddino, Robert Endicott




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