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I Loved You Even At Your Darkest

I love the color black.  Black is not known to be a popular color in the wedding world, but it is so very magical and swoon worthy.  It certainly evokes a mood all it’s own.  Black is elegant, sophisticated, lovely and raw.  In reflecting upon a concept for a wedding day morning, I really wanted to portray an essence of loving in the raw, loving each other in our weakness, and  a bride to be pondering those things in her soulmate.  This is the day she will vow to take him as hers, her one and only, till death do they part.  She will imagine all the times when she was wrong, when she hurt him, and when he her.  She thinks on all the moments her forgave her, when he lifted her up even when she did not deserve it, even when she thought still so little of herself.


A bride is filled with every sort of imaginings on the morning of her wedding day.  I am certain that there is an awareness of, ” Will he still love me even in my darkest hour?”  These are the photographed emotions of her mind, and the anticipations of her soul and commitment.


                                                                           Her mind is filled
                                                                       With beautiful things,
                                                                            past revelations
                                                                            and future sins
                                                                      He takes me to places
                                                                      that I’ve never been,
                                                                      to the edge of light
                                                                  where darkness begins.
                                                                  Christy Ann Martine

                          All images shot on film, Contax645, scanned by the Find Lab.     

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Photography: Romancing Belle Photography 
Styling: Romancing the Stone Styling and 
Ashley Graham Events
Floral: Garden of Eden Floral Design
Paper: Paperie by Millie Schebly
Make-Up:  Canvas By Marianne
Hair:  All Tressed Up
Model:  Mollie Weitz
Location:  The Blackwell Hotel
Ostrich Feather Wrap: Shop Gossamer
Vintage Nightgowns: Etsy






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