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John and Janae

This last summer’s weddings were I must say, extraordinary.  So many details, and so much beauty are represented during a wedding day. I feel that weddings are becoming so much more meaningful, because of situations that a couple may find themselves in and because of the love of family runs so deep.  John and Janae are certainly no exception to this thought by any means.  John and Janae are blending a ready made family with John’s 3 children, and I must say they adore her.  The promises she made to these three young lives had me weeping for joy.  I was touched beyond words at her passion to raise them as her own, and to embrace being called one of the most honored names ever, Mother.   The love and dedication, and the commitment to their God came through with an abundant, lyrical, passion.  Marriage is sacred, honored, and is one of the highest institutions that our God has ordained to be blessed on his earth.  We have somehow moved away from this thinking in the past 50 years concerning marriage.  I am overjoyed to see that these two, have shown me that it is still revered, and taken seriously.  They have given their hearts to one another, fully, 100 percent in the game, until death do they part.  When they spoke their vows to one another, I felt it, I felt their commitment to each other, never minding how they feel, how old they get, what happens to their bodies from now until death do they part, how rich or poor they are, no matter how crazy our world gets, they will still be standing hand in hand.  I must say my faith in this institution was renewed that day!  I am overjoyed and grateful for that!  I am overjoyed and grateful for the institution of marriage, now on to John and Janae’s extraordinary day!

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