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Jonathan and Kara

What should I tell you about these two adorable’s?  Well, they are both attending college in Walla Walla studying to be doctor’s. They will both be graduating from college this June and heading San Diego, California for medical school.  Ambitious YES!  When I met with them for their engagements, I soon could tell that humility was in both of their souls, especially when it came to one another.  They have known each other for quite some time and I believe they told me since grade school.  They are high school sweethearts and Kara informs me that Jonathan is quite the accomplished pianist.  She also tells me that he is genius at whatever he sets his mind to.  I adore the fact that she lovingly brags about him.  She is proud of him and he of her.  What I do know, and it was apparent to see, is that they truly embrace each other ,fully.  I also know that these two are fabulously stylish.   They are in this marriage for the long haul, through thick and thin.  They are both motivated and extremely focused on the tasks at hand.  I cannot wait to see where this life takes them.  I also am ecstatic to be capturing their love for one another as they repeat their vows to each other.   These are some of the day we shared telling their story of being fully engaged!  Images shot on film, Contax 645, scanned by the Find Lab.

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