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Loving in the Lavender Fields

I have had the privilege of knowing Chelsea and Colton for a few years now.  I photographed them 3 years ago as they renewed their vows at our Belle on Valentines Day.  It was an amazing celebration with Charlie, their 3 year old daughter, and their parents in attendance.  It was a beautiful wintry day and we even took them on a sleigh ride afterwards.  It was romantic, fun, and oh so full of twinkling lights and wonder.  I wanted to photograph them once again so as to remember their passion for one another, only this time in film, in a beautiful lavender field.  The sun was warm and the wind was flowing oh so just right.  Many a weddings are sought after in a lavender fields these days and we took advantage of these fragrant blooms up in GreenBluff at Fleur de Provence Lavender Fields.

I wanted this session to be special so as to show off the love that Chelsea and Colton have built over a period of 6 years.  We then headed up to the peach and apricot orchards higher up into Greenbluff for a few more photos.  I just love the backdrop of these pretty little fragrant bushes.  They are simply magical and so is the bounty of the fields of Greenbluff, but then again so is the love and commitment of two people over a lifetime.

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