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Showering Michelle

I have known Michelle for many years now and she has worked for us at Belle about 5 or 6 years.  She is such a special person and has endured some amazing difficulties in her lifetime of love and happiness.  She has been a single mom of 2 amazing girls, Emma, about 13 and Zoe, about 10.  She has raised them on her own since their father left them 6 years ago.  Her tenacity and drive for happiness in life is infectious.  Her smile is as broad as the oceans and her heart far supersedes even this.

Since her husband left her, she has dated and tried to find another companion in life, but to no avail.  It takes a special guy to come into the life’s of 3 females and blend it effortlessly, until Brandon.  You see Brandon and Michelle have been dating about 8 months now and have fallen head over heels for one another.  Brandon has never been married and has found the woman of his dreams in Michelle.  They have become engaged and a few weeks after the happiness of the engagement Brandon falls ill and extremely tired, and goes in for a routine exam.  He has been found to have a mass in his lung about the size of a quarter, by the time they operate to remove it it has grown to the size of an orange 2 weeks later.  They remove it and he does amazing, prayers are being lifted up on his behalf all over the nation.  The doctors say no Chemo which is miraculous as well, they decide to plan a wedding on September 2nd as Brandon will have his hair which is a huge blessing to him.

Fast forward to now 4 days before the wedding, Brandon and Michelle have purchased a beautiful new home, the wedding is in 4 days, and his recent pet scan comes back, and he had 6 spots on his lung once again.  Two weeks before the wedding Michelle is contemplating many things.  She lives in the hope and power of Jesus to give her the strength to move forward with the man of her dreams.  They will live in His power and truth and hold fast to each day!  Something all of us need to do in our marriages.  Hold on to every moment like it is your last.  After all we do not know if we have our next breath.  Only the Lord knows that and we need to live like it with trust, hope, and gratefulness!  I know Michelle and Brandon will be.  This is the bridal shower we had for Michelle 3 weeks ago, and what a wonderful time we had.  Good Food, Great drinks, stellar friends, and a fun floral crown station along with some beautiful wedding gowns created by all the guests out of nothing but toilet paper and tulle, and so the journey begins!   Miss Emma Stallings, Michelle’s daughter, also so loving created 30 chocolate birds nests, along with a chocolate egg, and a feather as the wedding favors.  They were amazing and this girl is on her way to Paris for Chocolatier School.  So proud of you Emma, they were amazing!

Flowers By Eden From Garden Of Eden

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