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Let Them Be Little

Oh My Goodness, I just love how love comes full circle!  Some of you may remember John and Katy who were wed at Belle in 2014.  I cannot believe it has been 3 years already!  John and Katy were our winners of a 30,000 dollar wedding on the grounds of Belle, and wow, did they ever have the day!  It was an incredible collaboration of many wedding artists and vendors coming together to uphold these two and their love for one another.  Their proposal was even shown on KXLY, and wow, was Katy ever surprised, as this is when we gifted her the wedding of her dreams.  I seriously have a heart to plan and put together these wonderful surprises for deserving couples.

Katy and John have just had their first beautiful baby, little Miss Paityn Jo, and I might add she is a stunner!  I was asked by Katy and John to come into their home and photograph them with sweet little Miss Paityn Jo.  Mama says she is a princess already.   I love it, as I soon knew what she was talking about when I arrived.  Little Miss has a mind of her own already, and we so laughed about it as we saw her communicate her own way through this fun little session.  Mr. Cash, Katy and John’s protective little Yorkie, was all about being up front and present during our photo session, although he has yet to figure out who this new little bundle is and what she is all about in his territory.

I adore these two, now three, like family!  I was thrilled to be asked to photograph this new, wonderful, stage of their beautiful lives!  I could not be more ecstatic for them and their new, precious, daughter!

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