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This past October, I was really feeling itchy to further my knowledge and skills as a film photographer.  I have been shooting film since the 70’s, and I just made you all uncomfortable at how old I must be, but nonetheless.  I have always loved the timeless, rich feel, film photography produces!   It has been a desire of mine to start shooting medium format as opposed to 35 mm.  Medium format allows one to use many beautiful styles of glass or lenses, and produces a big, beautiful, large negative at which to enlarge to have optimal grain and clarity.  A 35mm negative is about 1/4th the size of medium format and therefore not quite as clear and dynamic.  I took the plunge and purchased a Contax 645, with a stunning 80mm, Zeiss 2.0 lens.  I had researched all medium formats available and it would be a whole other blog post as to why I decided on the Contax.  Suffice it to say that because I photograph so many weddings, I felt it was the best camera to achieve the dreamy look I am after in keeping with the styling of my work.  Once I received my new camera, it was apparent that a re-branding of my work was to follow.  I want to photograph Fine Art Weddings!  Fine Art Weddings or Photography is defined as weddings or photography that is created in accordance with the vision of the artist.  Quite the opposite of a commercial photographer. It is capturing a wedding or couple with style, with a certain feeling or flair to their romance and or relationship.  It is pre-thinking the whole event ahead of time, ensuring that each element blends and responds to another.  Planning and executing an event with a stylist or a wedding planner is key.


This all brings me to the fact that I decided I needed some help in my re-branding and my relationship with my new camera.  I contacted Reid and Samantha from Orange Photographie in Bozeman, Montana.  This was a huge plus as these are my old stomping grounds and I adore Montana.  I booked them for a 2 day one on one workshop and a new relationship was born.  These two are exquisite and seriously passionate about what they do.  It was the best money I have spent in a long while.  They helped me with so many wonderful things concerning my business, but the most wonderful thing came on day two when they styled and put together a shoot just for me.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to just show up and shoot a stunning inspiration such as this was.  I am so used to having to set everything up and plan and style and shoot, that I feel my photography has always lacked something.  I actually was able to concentrate on just my photos for once.  It was wonderful and these are some of the images I was able to capture!  Thank-you so much Reid and Sam for a memorable 2 days with you.  You have seriously changed how I think about my photography and my business as a whole, and for that I am eternally grateful!

One-on-One Workshop with Orange Photographie:

Florals & tabletop styling: Greenwood Events –

Tabletop rentals: The TOP-

Hair & makeup: Ethereal Hair & Makeup –

Ring: Susie Saltzman –

Paper goods: Cast Calligraphy –

Gown: Sarah Janks –

Gown boutique: Bash –

Bridal robe & veil: Girl & A Serious Dream –

Ribbon & table runner: Tono & Co. –

Cake: Elle’s Belles Bakery –

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